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Application of ReportNOW

ReportNOW is a real-time reporting system that can enhance the efficiency of business operations and is suitable for different industries and company situations. ReportNOW is also a Green ICT solution with the technology that can help you to create mobile business processes and a paperless office.

All information is in electronic form where data can be easily captured, saved, reviewed, analysed, updated and shared. Enterprises can achieve a "less-paper" business process, or even go “paperless”.

ReportNOW can customize the e-form for the employee leave application and approval process, expenses claim, asset management and other areas, etc., basing on the company business structure and its special requirement.


Low cost Manpower
Save time Human error
Paper Usage Overall quality

Job Dispatch

ReportNOW Job Dispatch is a system which helps to assign staff to handle and follow up tasks.

For example, the property management staff can record the facility damage by taking photos directly on ReportNOW. By submitting the report, the details can be shared instantly with the head office. The management will then assign staff to handle the issue immediately.

Expenses Claim

ReportNOW Expenses Claim is an electronic expense claim entry and processing system for employees. You enter your claim with a photo of your receipt and submit it for electronic approval directly from your mobile.

Simple four-step procedure:

Input Claim > Attach Receipt > Approval > Reimburse


ReportNOW e-Leave is a leave management system where an employee can apply for leave via their mobile. Notification will be sent to the HR department for approval. It can check employees' leave records in the mobile calendar.


Event Management

ReportNOW Event Management is a system in which event planner can quickly and easily create an event and manage the registration through their mobile.

You can scan the QR code with your mobile for tracking the event attendance. ReportNOW can create e-questionnaire with great flexibility for customer feedback and report generation.

Project Control

ReportNOW Project Control is a system for the Project Management Team to monitor and evaluate the project life cycle.

Project manager can handle the projects and assign tasks to different staff. Staff can update task status easily through their mobile devices.



ReportNOW e-Procurement is a system for the Purchasing management team to monitor and receive product request and product order.

Staff can apply for product request with the purchasing team easily via their mobile devices. It could significantly improve productivity, save cost and boost operational efficiency.

Apart from the above examples, ReportNOW is also suitable for many other business applications such as,

- Asset Management

- Patrol Checkpoint

- Property Management

- Logisitcs and Distribution

- Performance Appraisal

- Duty Roster

- Membership Registration

- Questionnaire

- Customer Relationship Management