IoT - Built for ReportNOW


 IoT - Built for ReportNOW


As an I.T. solutions provider that keeps pace with the times, in addition to constantly developing and updating our application software
ReportNOW, ISL has formally integrated the "Internet of Things" (IoT) into our development. To put it simply, IoT is to connect the network with the physical carrier, but it is more important to allow those carriers to carry out data transmission and integrate big data on their own to make real-life more digital, just like how automobile-cars connect with smartphones.

rTag Features

  • Integrated with ReportNOW

  • Provide information on the ePaper Display

  • Provide device health and status to rTag Global Server

  • Provide hibernating mode for implementation with non-frenquent usage

  • Built-in One Touch button

  • Plug-in battery module for low battery consumption application

  • Built-in sensor expansion interface


rTag available options...

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